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What are Gummed Paper Tapes?

Posted September 14th, 2022 by WACO tapes

The Technique that is Serving Industry Leaders Provide Tamper-evident Packing service.

Let’s Discuss about Gummed Paper Tapes

There are several different techniques that can be used for sealing in shipping. For the sake of product security, you might want to use tape known by a variety of names: gummed paper tape, water-activated tape, gum tape, paper tape. You might not be sure what this tape is, but if you order products on the internet, you’ve seen and experienced it. It is the white or brown tape that frequently seals your boxes, and is a challenge to open. That challenge is absolutely a part of its charisma.

What is Gummed Paper Tape?

Gummed Paper Tape is primarily manufactured from brown or natural coloured paper and starch-based adhesive. It can be made entirely of paper, but may consist of various layers of paper with polyethylene or fiberglass strings for additional strength. When the adhesive is “triggered” with water, it infiltrates the carton material and the tape formulates a permanent bond with the carton, making it challenging to open.

Some Major Benefits of Gummed Paper Tape

  1. Discourages burglary by providing a tamper-evident seal.
  2. Recyclable, Exceedingly durable and protects the carton contents by bonding with the corrugated carton.
  3. Easy print on with symbols or Logos, in either black and white or colour.
  4. Reduces worker injury (that can be a massive operational expense) because it is applied with a tape dispenser rather than a hand-held tape gun.

Why Improved Packages Tape Dispensers?

To use Gummed Paper Tape, you need a tape dispenser. The tape-dispenser cuts and ejects the tape to your desired measurement and wets it with water so the tape is set to apply to your carton. Both manual (non-electric) and electric tape dispensers are offered, depending upon your application.