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Plain Reinforced Paper Tapes

Manufacturer and Exporter of Reinforced Gummed Paper Tapes - Plain Reinforced Gummed Paper Tapes, Printed Reinforced Gummed Paper Tapes offered by Waterproof Corporation Private Limited Mumbai-India.

Waco Ultra high strength Glass Fiber Plain Reinforced Paper Tapes has a strong bond that resists stretching, tearing and wrinkling of the package. Our Plain Reinforced tape is used to add intensity and crack resistance on the flat joints and corners of the carton/ package. The criss-cross filament provides high potential, high adhesion, and provides incredible strength to the surface of the carton. Reinforced Paper tape is extensively used for heavy-duty packing, regular carton packing, and all valuable packages need high security and protection.

Our Plain Reinforced Paper Tape Glue is water-activated designed to provide seamless performance in sealing cartons where endurance, dependability, and extra strength are required. Waco's Plain Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape is made by laying natural fiberglass threads within a laminate of two layers of strong kraft paper and coated with special glue. The fiberglass composite material used provides exceptional stability to the tape with the highest tensile and bursting strength in the segment. This is accomplished through a professional quality check to confirm the strength of every batch.

Waco has a profound understanding of the applications and the backing material used for environmental resistance and faster setting time.

Features of Plain Reinforced Paper Tapes

  • Made with high-tensile strength kraft paper and laminate reinforced with fiberglass for enhanced strength and secure closure.
  • Special adhesive ensures fast tacking, drying time, and odorless.
  • Super high strength eliminates the need for nylon/steel strapping in most cases.
  • Excellent for high security and tamper-evident packages.
  • The user is friendly with water-activated Paper tape dispensers.
  • Special starch-based glue is applied for more durability of tape.
  • 100% environment friendly & Biodegradable.
  • Branding, labeling, and promoting messages can be printed.
  • Aggressive water activated adhesive becomes part of the box or carton.
  • Best used with a gummed tape dispenser machine.
  • One must wet the tape in order for the adhesive to get sticky.
  • Gummed paper tape is not self-adhesive.
  • Tapes have kraft paper backing is reinforced with a heavy duty fiberglass filament for extra tensile strength and durability
  • In heavy duty and high volume shipping and provides a professional, quality look

Specifications of Plain Reinforced Paper Tapes

Brand WACO
Product Name Plain Reinforced Paper Tapes
Standard Width 48 mm, 60mm, 72 mm, and 96 mm (Custom size available as per requirement)
Material High- tensile Strength Virgin Kraft Paper
Standard Length 100 Meters
Core Size 1inch

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