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Know about Gummed Paper Tape or Kraft Paper tapes-its Type, Advantage and Uses

Posted December 14th, 2021 by WACO tapes
Types of gummed paper tapes / Kraft Paper tapes / Brown Paper Tapes
Gummed paper tape comes in two major variants. They are available as reinforced and unreinforced versions.

1. Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape

Companies can print their logo or branding texts on the tape enhancing the branding of their company and their professional image as companies find difficult and costly to create printed plastic tape undermining the company's branding efforts by appearing sloppy.

2. Regular Gummed Paper Tape

The regular paper tape is just the paper tape. For any packages under thirty kilograms, normal paper tape works just well.

Using a Gummed Paper Tape
Gummed paper tape comes with adhesive, but it must be made wet to actually stick and hold the packaging. It sticks to packet related to the postage stamps that stick to letters. Since moistening whole roll of paper tape is bulky, it requires special dispensers to work. Gummed tape dispensers are generally quite expensive, but are a good investment for high capacity shippers. Paper tape dispensers cost around Rs. 13000* per piece. These tape dispensers are durable and have almost no downtime.‍

Gummed Tape Dispensers
Gummed tape dispensers have water storing to transfer water for wetting the brushes. These brushes provide reliable and uniform wetting on the triggered tape. The dispensers need no electrical energy to work and can cut the tape according to the preset measurements.

Availability Gummed tape rolls cost around Rs. 90* to Rs. 100* each roll. The tape's cost differs according to the width, type (regular/reinforced), and size of the roll. Customization adds up to the cost and there are usually a least number of units that you require to order.

Customization Options Gummed paper tape can be modified with your branding just like normal plastic packing tape. Since paper tapes are brown or white in colour, you can integrate this undertone in your design. Prints on your tape will have a repeating nature since the print is prepared using a roller. So, you need to make sure that your design is unified. Also, you can use gaps between reoccurring designs. The paper tape can be printed with several colors, but increasing amount of colors increases the price.

Gummed Paper Tapes Of Offered By Waco Tape

Wrapping up / Packaging

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using gummed paper tape:

Easy to use: The tape dispensers also make it easy to apply. Paper tape is much easier for usage as compared to plastic packing tape.

Eco-friendly: Paper tapes can be recycled and reused along with the boxes and hence they are a more eco-friendly option. But it is difficult to recycle reinforced paper tapes.

Tamper proofing: Gummed paper tape, exclusively the reinforced modified, can offer superior tamper proofing than plastic tape.

Higher primary cost: Using gummed paper tape has higher preliminary cost, most of which is the cost of procuring the dispenser.

Less availability: Gummed paper tape is not as extensively available as plastic packing tape.