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Face Veneer Tape

A Veneer with a rough surface can cause excessive resin use and may result in resin bleeding through the face veneer. The roughness of the face veneer can be improved to an extent by sanding and glued paper tape. Face veneers are used for their decorative and qualities with their strength.

The natural face veneer is available in thickness in flitch form and the stitched veneer is protected by Face Veneer Tape to give a finished veneer. Waco manufactures face veneer tape and is used by plywood manufacturers during peeling, joining, and repairing of veneer to manufacture plywood. It reduces the loss of material due to shrinking and splitting. This helps to retard moisture dissipation at veneer edges and helps in counteracting the split developments.

Waco Face Veneer tape prevents the shifting of the veneer sheets during the preparation and follow-up of veneering as well as during the pressing procedure. The tape has an adhesive coating on one side that needs to be activated with a small amount of water before use. For a reliable glue connection, we supply perforated and non-perforated face veneer tape on a roll. Face Veneer Tape is available in plain brown and perforated brown color.

Features of Face Veneer Tape

  • This tape is made from strong kraft paper with a blend of high-grade adhesives for firm adherence to veneer and wood surfaces.
  • This product is indispensable to decorative plywood manufacturers.
  • Special adhesive ensures fast tacking, drying time, and odourless.
  • Our Face Veneer tapes have been developed especially for the decorative and commercial plywood industry and are manufactured to rigid laboratory specifications.
  • Special starch-based glue is applied for more durability of tape.
  • 100% environment friendly & Biodegradable.

Specifications of Face Veneer Tape

Brand WACO
Product Name Face Veneer Tape / Dry Veneer Tape
Standard Width 10 mm and 12mm
Material Virgin Kraft Paper and starch-based glue
Standard Length 244 Meters

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