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Decorative White Veneer Tape

Decorative Veneer is processed from various exotic trees like teak, walnut, maple, and Oak. The beautiful slice wood veneer is usually glued over plywood and furniture surfaces to increase the beauty and bring aesthetic richness to the end of furniture. The Decorative Veneer Plywood is expensive and increases the value of your furniture.

The Veneer is a natural product and hence needs to make it crack-free to smoothen the top surface. Because this veneer is used for top-grade furniture creation and interior decoration it is necessary the wood panels are not rough, uneven, and cracked.

Waco manufactures high-quality high-performance plain and perforated Decorative White Veneer gummed paper tape used for joining and repairing the decorative veneer. Waco delivers the best quality and fixes the cracks on the decorative veneer to provide complete togetherness with the veneer and heal the damaged part. Therefore, Waco White Veneer Paper Tape is recommended to provide a better bond between the veneer, tape, and glue. Waco manufactures low thickness white veneer tapes and has been serving many Indian Veneer manufacturers and Plywood companies globally.

Features of Decorative White Veneer Tape

  • High-tensile strengthen white kraft paper, Acid-free and Fat-free materials are used to produce the high-quality Veneer tapes.
  • The strong, thin, light white kraft paper prevents the formation of shadows or impressions when used on pale and thin veneers.
  • The formulated Glue used has a very quick adherence to all the species of wood.
  • Waco offers plain and perforated White Veneer Tapes.
  • The tape is strong even when moistened and reliable for a longer time.
  • Stain-free based glue is used, and no glue residue is left behind.
  • Our product is earth-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Specifications of Decorative White Veneer Tape

Brand WACO
Product Name Decorative White Veneer Tape
Standard Width 10mm, 12mm, and 18mm
Material High strength virgin kraft paper, stain-free based glue
Standard Length 200 Meters
Perforation Yes (circular)
Core Size 1 inch, 2 inches, or 3 inches

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