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About Us

Founded and Established in 1942, Waco (Waterproof Corporation Pvt. Ltd.) is a pioneer in the Adhesive Tapes business in India and grown year on year to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and superior-performance Gummed Paper Tapes and allied products in the country.

With presence in over 50 countries, WACO is a global brand in Water Activated Gummed Paper Tapes segment, our brands ‘WACO’ & ‘TACO’ are synonymous with Trust – Quality – Fair Practices. The company manufactures products for various industries such as the Packaging Industry, the Plywood Industry, Gypsum Board Industry and has built rock-solid reputation for excellence in quality and services. We have become a major supplier of High-Performance Tapes into an extensive range of markets and applications across the globe.

With over 75 years’ experience in the packaging industry, and thousands of satisfied clienteles, we pride ourselves in our friendly, knowledgeable approach. Whatever our customer’s requirement, small or big we offer a fast, reliable service and second-to-none customer service commitment.

WACO manufactures specialized products for the Packaging Industry, Plywood Industry, Paper & Printing Industry, and Gypsum Board Industry.

WACO credentials

01 Waco (Waterproof Corporation Pvt. Ltd. – Since 1942)

Waco (Waterproof Corporation Pvt. Ltd. – Since 1942) was on the adhesive tapes sub-committee of the Indian Standard Institute and was instrumental in creating national standard for adhesive tapes.

Member of FIPAGO- the Netherland based International Federation of Manufacturers of Gummed Paper.

Member of FIPPI – Federation of Indian Plywood & Panel Industry, An Apex body for Indian Plywood, Panel & Allied Industry.


Our mission is to deliver customer satisfaction of the highest levels and to be at the forefront of innovation in the packaging industry. We plan to achieve this mission by providing our customers with quality products at a competitive price, on-time delivery, and consistent quality. We pride ourselves on working with our customers and building strong trading relationships, to ensure continued future business and growth. We also plan to be proactive in bringing new and innovative packaging solutions to the market while encouraging the use of eco-friendly products.
Why us?
At WACO, we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality and superior-performance products that have been appreciated by all our customers. The development and manufacture of eco-friendly solutions for the packaging and plywood industries are among the strengths of WACO. Some of the factors that have consistently fuelled our growth in the national as well as international market are:
  • More than 75 years of experience in the Tape manufacturing domain.
  • Consistent High-Quality and Superior-Performance Products.
  • Competitive Pricing and Excellent After Sales Services.
  • On Time Delivery and specifications as per Customer requirements.
  • Focus of customer satisfaction, no matter the size of the customer.
  • Ethical Business Practices.
  • Customized Branding and Printing available.
Infrastructure / Research & Development
Largest Paper Tape manufacturing facility in India – Waco (Waterproof Corporation Pvt. Ltd. – Since 1942) has the largest paper tape manufacturing facility in India's financial capital Mumbai.

The technology for manufacture of gummed paper tapes has been internally developed in the company's 35,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility in central Mumbai, with its in-house R&D Lab, engineering design & workshop facilities, and a team of highly skilled employees.

Our Production Infrastructure Includes:
  • High Precision Coating Facility
  • High Precision Slitting and Rewinding Facility
  • Multi Colour Printing Facility