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Water Activated Tapes – Advantages and Applications

Posted October 4th, 2021 by WACO tapes
Water Activated Tapes
Gummed tape or Water activated tape is a starch-based adhesive that becomes sticky when moistened and is usually found on a kraft paper backing. Water activated tape is widely used for closing, packing and sealing boxes. Gummed tape meets the needs of various industries and general industrial applications such as paper, print, beverage, food, medical pharmaceutical, electronics, shipping, and distribution centers.

As the E-commerce sector grew exponentially, almost all businesses have begun using water-activated tape (WAT) to seal their shipping cartons. Water activated tapes are tamper-evident seal that scraps if an effort is made to pull it off before delivery. Boxes are easy to open without cutting tools and sealed securely. Water Activated Tape's reinforced structure guarantees consistent performance across a range of environments and applications. Water-activated tapes are 100% biodegradable and recycled making it an environmentally-friendly solution and does not contribute to pollution or waste.

Customizable for Brand Recognition
Companies can print their logo or branding texts on the tape enhancing the branding of their company and their professional image as companies find difficult and costly to create printed plastic tape undermining the company's branding efforts by appearing sloppy.

Water Activated Tape deters Tampering
Both the non-reinforced and the reinforced water-activated tape are tamper-evident, meaning that any tampering attempted on the parcel will be visible to the courier and the customer. This helps with insurance and early reporting of tampering and also deter thieves as knowing there is no easy access to parcels stops opportunistic thievery. Environmentally friendly, recyclable option

Non-reinforced water-activated tape is a great way to show your clients that you care as water-activated tape is certified recyclable and Biodegradable preventing plastic pollution. Due to the Water activated tapes' strength, you only need to apply a little bit pressure to get the same result as double or triple taping with traditional plastic tape and these savings contribute to reducing waste.

Customization shows off your brand personality
Depending upon Client's branding and sizing requirements, water activated tapes can be customized for fun messaging, instructions, illustrations, adding your logo, and whatever else you can think of to bring something unique and memorable to your customers. These minor additions make your brand more recognizable and build loyalty with your customer base.