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TACO Self - Adhesive Cellulose Film Tape

Taco Cellulose Adhesive Tape is a clear transparent tape made of cellulose film and a natural rubber-based solvent meant to be biodegradable. This Self-Adhesive Cellulose tape finds a variety of applications such as masking, mounting, joining, bundling, and labeling/ branding.

Taco tapes are reliable for use in numerous industries like Food & Pharmaceutical Industry, the Chemical & Automotive Industry, the Textile & Printing industry, Welding & Engineering industry, and many alike.

Features of TACO Self - Adhesive Cellulose Film Tape

  • High-tack rubber adhesive with excellent adhesion.
  • Higher resistance to extreme temperature upto80-degree C.
  • Low elongation to break.
  • Our high-qualitycellulose tape is easy to use and can be pulled apart by hand.
  • Taco Cellulose tape can be removed without leaving any residue.
  • The self-adhesive substance of this tape creates a bond between surfaces that may be broken and remade.
  • A Natural rubber-based glue is applied.
  • Environment-friendly product and easily biodegradable

Specifications of TACO Self - Adhesive Cellulose Film Tape

Brand WACO
Product Name Self-Adhesive Cellulose Tape
Standard Width 12mm, 18mm, and 24mm (Custom size available as per requirement)
Material cellulose film and natural rubber-based solvent (glue)
Standard Length 65 Meters
Core Size 3 inches