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Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape Advantages

Posted October 3th, 2021 by WACO tapes
Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape
Self-Adhesive Tape is used in many different applications and diverse applications of Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape continue to grow as a solution to fastening and joining due to advances in adhesive technology, ease of use, and its low cost compared to traditional fastening systems. Self-Adhesive Tape bonds dissimilar materials without incompatibility concerns and also acts as a moisture seal/environmental barrier. Self-Adhesive Tape provides structural strength to use lighter thinner materials that can replace bolts, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners.

Self-Adhesive Tape eliminates the need for surface refinishing to remove weld distortions and shortens assembly time and provides vibration deadening and noise reduction. Provides adhesion to difficult surfaces such as glass and uniform thickness and gap filling properties. Eliminates the need for bonding "both" substrates together at the same time and location providing optimum manufacturing flexibility.

Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape design engineers can expand options for a more aesthetically pleasing look as bonding tape creates a tight joining without adding unsightly bulk and Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape's light weight can help reduce material thickness. Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape serves an important purpose for any design environment where graphics and exteriors are highly visible such as an automobile.

Stress Distribution
Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape strength and versatility can be used in many bonding applications as strips of tape along a surface spread stress loads across the entire tape area, not on one specific point. Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape's high-performance and permanent bonds hold up better against shear stress than many other bonding options.

As on the production floor, time is critical to complete packaging on time, Self-Adhesive Tape helps speed assembly, reduce overall manufacturing costs, and decrease labor hours making the assembly process more efficient, accurate, and consistent. Automated, robotic systems streamline assembly of custom products in ways not previously available.

Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape has become some of the strongest and durable materials available as they are self-curing adhesives that create bonds nearly as strong as the components on which they're adhered. In addition to strength, think about versatility, Self-Adhesive Water Proof Tape can create a secure bond between surfaces that aren't the same.