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Gypsum Board Edge Tapes

Waco Edge tape for the Gypsum board is manufactured from high tensile strength and virgin bleached (White) Kraft Paper.Gypsum board Edge Tape helps to taperthe edge joints and provides extra strengthening to the corner junctions of the Gypsum Board. It can be applied with automated water activation bring up with high adhesive strength. The gypsum board edge tape not only plays a pivotal role in protecting the board from manhandling and other storage, but it also acts as a brand medium delivering individuality to your product.

WACO brings you custom-made gypsum board edge tape, the thickness, width & length along design all can be tailor-made according to your brand requirements.

Features of Gypsum Board Edge Tapes

  • Our Gypsum Board Edge Tape is the edge protector made by high-tensile strengthen kraft paper tape.
  • We offer elegant bespokeprinting quality and smooth surface exposure serves your purpose of high brand visibility.
  • Waco Edge Tapes are fast drying and are proven for both ultra-high-speed machine and manual applications.
  • Branding, Printing, and Custom-made are readily available.
  • Vegetable-based glue is applied.
  • Earth-friendly and 100% biodegradable

Specifications of Gypsum Board Edge Tapes

Brand WACO
Product Name Gypsum Board Edge Tapes
Standard Width 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 40mm, 60mm and 72mm (Custom-made-to-order available as per requirement)
Material High strength virgin kraft paper, starch-based glue
Standard Length 244 Meters
Core Size 1inch, 2inches, or 3 inches