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Green Veneer Tape

Waco Green Veneer Tape is the preferred solution for the process of wet veneer peeling for the Plywood, Joinery and Furniture Industry.

The process of peeling wet veneer is made more difficult due to the splits on the edges of the logs before peeling. Nearly every log develops dry splits on the edges which are perpendicular to the grain direction. Further splits develop during the peeling processes which are propagated due to the tension created while uncoiling the veneer and due to the rapid moisture dissipation in the dryer. Subsequently the quality of the veneer is affected leading to rejections and increase in repair jobs further down the line.....

To avoid these losses or at least, keep them within limits, a process was developed to protect the critical veneer edges during the peeling process using Green Veneer Tape. Green Veneer Tape retard the moisture dissipation at the veneer edges and thus counteract the development of new splits and prevent existing splits from developing further

Waco Green Veneer Tape are made using tough special Kraft paper and coated with special adhesive which adheres to the wet veneer at once. The tape is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of the dryer thereby offering perfect protection during the veneer drying process.

Features of Green Veneer Tape

  • Made with high strength, high tensile Kraft paper.
  • Special adhesive ensures Fast Tacking and drying time.
  • Superior bonding even at high speeds.
  • Increases drying efficiency by preventing veneer splitting due to moisture dissipation.
  • Designed to withstand extreme temperature of the dryer.
  • Starch based glue.
  • 100% environment friendly & Bio-Degradable.

Applications / Uses of Green Veneer Tape

  • Our Green Veneer Tape is designed to reduce wastage and rejections in the wet veneer peeling process.
  • The tape is widely used to protect the critical veneer edges during the peeling and drying and process.
  • Suitable for high-speed automatic applications.

Specifications of Green Veneer Tape

Brand WACO
Product Name Green Veneer Tape
Standard Width 8 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm 
Material Unbleached High Strength Virgin Kraft Paper 
Core Size 1 inch (25mm)
Standard Length 1000 Meters 
Applications Plywood, Joinery and Furniture Industry.
Printing *Custom printing solutions available if required*

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