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Core Veneer Tape

Core veneer panels are the most important part of any plywood board. It is what gives plywood all its strength and flexibility which is why it is important to ensure that the core veneer panels are of good quality. A well-spliced core panel, no matter the size, with no or minimal core gaps makes for the finest quality plywood.

Waco Core Veneer Tapes is the preferred choice by plywood manufacturers across the globe to achieve a well-spliced core veneer panel with minimal gaps and superior hold. The specially formulated adhesive ensures excellent bonding with various species of woods and can withstand the high temperatures and pressure of the hot press.

Waco Core Veneer Tapes are the industry benchmark when it comes to core veneer splicing systems.

Features of Core Veneer Tape

  • Very high strength kraft paper backing.
  • Eliminates stapling.
  • Specially formulated adhesive ensures excellent bonding with various species of wood.
  • Perforations improve bonding between two core panels/layers.
  • The combination of high-strength paper and special adhesive allows for rough handling and stacking of core panels over long periods without any issues.
  • 100% environment friendly & Bio-Degradable.

Applications / Uses of Core Veneer Tape

  • Our Core Veneer Tape is designed to withstand the extreme heat and pressure of the hot press.
  • The tape is designed to minimize core gaps while manufacturing plywood.
  • Designed to help you save cost and improve productivity by increasing the amount of usable core veneer realized from logs.

Specifications of Core Veneer Tape

Brand WACO
Product Name Core Veneer Tape
Standard Width (12 mm, 18 mm, and 24 mm) Customize size available
Material Unbleached High Strength Virgin Kraft Paper Tape
Core Size 2 inches
Standard Length 244 Meters
Perforations Yes (circular)

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